is this liam hemsworth?

Politeness has become so rare that people mistake it for flirtation.

— Unknown (via perfect)

Anonymous asked: You're going to be alright, beautiful <3

thank you i actually needed this x

french stripes 🇫🇷 #selfie #french #stripes #brunette #me #girl
me and the beautiful birthday girl last night thanks for da party #girls #brunette #beyonce #lol #party #bw

2/5 outfits uploaded from over the christmas break!
x leather pinafore ~ H&amp;M
x top ~ Matalan
x tights ~ Primark
x boots ~ Blonde and Blonde (Bank Fashion) 
Please excuse my Mother’s muddy gardening shoes in the background! I really wasn’t sure about this imitation leather pinafore when I first saw it, but at Christmas H&amp;M gives you 50% off three items, so I picked this up and tried it on with my green tartan shirt (which I also bought with the 50%) and that will definitely be another outfit choice! I asbolutely love my boots they’re the best boots that I own and go with almost everything! The turtle neck was really cheap and is really soft and warm too. You can never wear too much black!
you left your mark on me 💖 #brunette #me #girl #selfie #instadaily #hair #fringe

no one understands and no one gives a shit yay me

i cant do this anymore